Street Photography – Tips & Tricks

Beginner\’s Tips & Tricks for Street Photography

Hello, camera owners! In this blog, I am going to talk about some of the exciting things which you can do in the street, with your camera – the Street Photography.

Why Street Photography is exciting & cool: The street photography is done to capture emotions & mood of the public, candidly, without their knowledge. Your camera captures emotions such that either you can relate yourself with the emotion or the photograph creates an impact on your mind.


Some of the basic steps to remember in street photography:

  1. Identify the subject in your camera – Try to identify the subject in your camera, to capture candid emotions, I prefer kids and elderly people, as I can see true emotions in them. But you are free to use your own imagination & judgment along with your camera.
  2. Contrast in the camera frame – I try to create contrast in the camera frame, which can show different sides of life, e.g. – innocence in child\’s eyes, with the busy adult crowd running for their bread and butter, or an elderly person in the glittering background of the city. If you can grab these different sides of life in the small hole of your camera, it can make a big impact.
  3. Showing animals/ birds in street – If you can capture, animals and birds in the street thru your camera, it can be a good subject, especially with black & white background


4. Playing with your camera in the night in a deserted street – The deserted street in the night also makes a good subject and you can take your own time in finding the right content for your camera.


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This article is written by Sristi Singh who is a Marketing professional and keeps a keen interest in photography. She currently handles social media marketing of Guri Broadcast.
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